Promoting community one home at a time.

Jordan Turcotte moved from Alabama to central Texas in 2004 when he started earning his education at Texas State University. A few years later, he married his beautiful wife Mellissa in 2008 and now enjoys raising their 4 adorable children in their beautiful neighborhood of Plum Creek in Kyle, TX.

Jordan has always dreamed of being his own boss and wanted to use the entrepreneurial skills that God had given him. So naturally it didn’t take him long  to get excited about building his career in real estate. Jordan started his real estate career in 2010 and has since learned many valuable skills that contribute to the great success as a REALTOR that he shares with his clients.

Jordan Turcotte is a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Texas Association Realtors, the Four Rivers Association of Realtors, and an MLS Member of the Austin Board of Realtors. He is proudly serving with his brokerage, Keller Williams Realty, an organization known for their energetic culture and as the top training organization in the world.

In his spare time, Jordan loves spending time with his family, being involved with his home church each week, and playing card or board games with friends. He also volunteers on the Welcoming Committee for his neighborhood.

Committed to positive change.

My Mission

My mission is to provide consistent high quality real estate services to central Texans that is focused on his clients best interests through adherence to a high standard of excellence that is rooted in  integrity, honesty, professionalism, competency, compassion and open and clear communication.

My Vision

My vision is to become the most trusted and recommended real estate professional in my service area by earning a strong reputation as a REALTOR who provides exceptional service to every client.

My Values

Be LOYAL to my faith in God. LOVE God, my family and my neighbors. Act with INTEGRITY even in the hard times. Keep my HONESTY even if it costs me. Be an example of PROFESSIONALISM. Be JOYFUL in every circumstance.

Empowering homeowners with positive results.

My Strengths

1. Personal Care

I, Jordan Turcotte,  am a REALTOR that focuses on making my clients feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process of a real estate transaction by being attentive to their needs. My clients know I care because I make extra effort to clearly communicate and offer proactive solutions for their real estate needs.

2. Strong Negotiation Skills

The key to negotiations is discovering the thin line of a win-win solution. Being the peace-keeper in my family when I was growing up helped me develop the most important skills of a strong  negotiator which are listening, patience and empathy. Those are not the kind of skills that you would typically picture a strong negotiator having. But to find a win-win solution a negotiator must be attentive by listening to what the other party is saying and how it’s being said in order to discover the position and reasoning for what they truly want. When negotiating, the other party might not want to or know how to clearly communicate their thoughts and feelings that influence their wants and desires. But by having empathy and patiently and carefully listening, a strong negotiator will pick up on the clues that provide understanding. Once a strong negotiator fully understands the other parties position and reasoning, they are able come up with a solution that is appealing to all parties of the transaction and create a win-win solution.

3. I Get Results

Through the development and use of my proven HOME SELLING SYSTEM, I’ve been able to help my clients sell their home faster and for more money than the normal agent. Since the beginning of my career, sellers have gone to the closing table when their home was only on the market for an average of 19 DAYS, beating the overall average for the local market. Furthermore, more money stays in my sellers pockets because their homes on average sell at 100.5% of their asking price.

Using my education approach to buying, I help buyers find the home that best fits their wants and needs. They can trust me to represent them and to get them the best deal possible on their new home. Since the beginning of my real estate career, I have used my strong negotiating skills to save my resale home buyers an average of over 4% off the list price of the home that they buy.