This market report includes valuable content explaining in clear detail what the market is doing in YOUR area. Forget about those reports that only offer general information! You can feel confident in what you’ll learn from looking at these market updates!

Check it out!

This is what your market update report will look like.

“What kind of information is in the report?”

Here is a list of just SOME of the info:

  • Recently sold homes
  • Homes currently available on the market
  • Average Days on Market
  • Months of Inventory
  • Current average sales price
  • Buyer offer trends
  • Property details
  • and more….


“Will these reports spam my inbox?”

Who likes spam?! NO ONE! Some people might like the canned meat…?

My inbox gets flooded with so many unnecessary emails. So much so that the UNSUBSCRIBE button can’t keep up. Believe me when I tell you that you’ll be checking your emails in anticipation of your next market update report. The content is so cool and relevant that you’ll be talking about real estate with your friends and sounding like the expert. However, If you ever do get too overwhelmed with emails then you can always change the report frequency to every quarter, 6 months, or even a year. Also, there is always that handy unsubscribe link if that’s not enough!


“Can I share the market updates with my friends?”

Yes of course you can! Though..they might just want a report that’s customized for them. If that’s the case, then you can always send them a link to this page or have them give me a call.



“Does this market update also tell me what my home is worth?”

If you’re a homeowner, you should select the “seller” button in the form below so that you can input your home address into the form. With your address provided, your market update reports will be able include the average sales price of similar homes in the nearby area which should give you an idea of the estimated value of your home. However, there are so many variables that can affect the price of a home. To get a more accurate value for you home it would be best to talk to your local Realtor….ahem…ahem…ME! or you can request to get the estimated value of your home here.

So what are you waiting for?!