Plum Creek Neighborhood Market Update September 2018 Edition

Jordan Turcotte
Published on September 24, 2018

Plum Creek Neighborhood Market Update September 2018 Edition

Plum Creek Neighborhood Market Update

September 2018 Edition

Hello Plum Creek Neighbors!

So often local real estate professionals provide their clientele with updates about the real estate market using broad strokes that encompass market data of the entire Austin Metro area, Hays County, or the City of Kyle.

However, as the saying goes, real estate is all about location, location, location! Which means that home values and markets will differ by neighborhood, by street and even by the size of home.

That is why it is more important that you receive micro-level market details instead of the typical real estate data that you can easily find in a Google search.

Below you will find my market research that I’ve compiled, calculated and analyzed for you so that you can have the kind of useful and relevant information that is most beneficial to you.

As a fellow neighbor and committed advocate for our community in Plum Creek, it is very important to me that I share this important information with you. So that is why I plan to create a new Market Update every month for our neighborhood. If you are interested in receiving the following information on a monthly basis you can sign up at the very bottom of this page. I hope you enjoy this handy info-graphic that helps give a quick detailed glimpse into how the Plum Creek real estate market is performing.

Download the PDF version of the September 2018 Plum Creek Market Update

I’ve also included a copy of The Austin Board of REALTORS® latest release of the Central Texas Housing Market Report for those who are curious about what the real estate market is doing outside of Plum Creek. Click HERE to download that report.

If you have any questions about how the current market effects your homes value or chances of purchasing your dream home in Plum Creek, please call me or click the links below.

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